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Welcome to the Hungarian Unitarian Church's website

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English language service in Budapest January 31st 2010
Dear Friends,
at the Béla Bartók Unitarian Church on January 31st 2010, noon 12 we will held the English Service - http://uninaplo.unitarius-halo.net/service/ 
The service theme is the proclamation of religious freedom at the Diet of Torda,1568.
We wait all those who are in Budapest at this time, in our church:
1092. Budapest, H�gyes Endre street  nr.3.
In faith, hope and love
Rev. Sándor Léta
Next service will be on February 28th.
English language services are on the last Sunday in every month
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English Services in Bela Bartok Unitarian Church last Sunday every month.

There will now be English Unitarian Services in Bela Bartok Unitarian Church in Budapest last Sunday every month. Beginning Sunday December 27 2009 at 12:00.

Pastors interested to give sermon or contribute in the liturgy are welcome to contact Rev. Sandor Leta at leta.sandor@gmail.com. Further information and contact please see the English Service Blog: http://uninaplo.unitarius-halo.net/service/

Address Bela Bartok Unitarian Church: 1092. Budapest, H�gyes Endre street No. 3.

Homesite Bela Bartok Unitarian Church

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Unitarian group in Vienna

Dear Unitarian friends;

Best greetings from Vienna. I want to draw your attention to the fact that
now exists a small unitarian group in Vienna, Austria. Within our ranks we
have both theists and secular humanists. We are constituted as an
association according to Austrian association law.
You can find more information by our website www.unitarier.at. There you
will find ´Who we are` and our ´Declaration of principles` in English and
Hungarian language.

We have a monthly service in Judeo-Christian tradition including the prayer
of Psalms, the Lord´s Prayer, a sermon based an texts from the Old and New
Testament and - instead of a creed - Matthew 22,37-40, ending with the
Aaronite Blessing.

So our request is the following: please, if you know or are in contact with
Hungarian Unitarians from Hungary or Transsilvania living in Vienna and
speaking or understanding German inform them about our service and our mere
existence thus enabling them to contact us if they wish.

Thank you for your attention and kindness.

Ali Gronner


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Rest in Peace: Hungarian Unitarian Bishop Reverend Csaba Razmany
Rest in Peace: Hungarian Unitarian Bishop Reverend Csaba Razmany

On Wednesday, July 15th, the Bishop of the Unitarian Church of Hungary, Reverend Csaba Razmany, passed away after a long illness.

Bishop Razmany was born in Kolozsvar in 1946. From 1968-1971 he was a deacon of the Unitarian church in Brasso. From 1971-1995 he served the church in Als�boldogfalva. In 1995 he moved from Romania to Hungary and served the church in Pestszentlorinc until 2001. In 2001 he was elected the Bishop of the Unitarian Church of Hungary, and also served as the senior Minister of Bela Bartok Unitarian Church in Budapest.

Our caring thoughts and prayers are extended to Bishop Razmany's family and all Hungarian Unitarians.

UUA President, the Reverend Peter Morales, has extended his personal condolences, and those of the UUA, to the Unitarian Church of Hungary.

- The UUA International Newsletter – July 2009

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New Unitarian leader in Sweden
Yesterday I received the good news that The Unitarian Church in Sweden now has a new leader: Owe �rneståhl, a former ordained deacon of the Swedish Old Catholic church "Allm�nna Apostoliska Kyrkan". He succeeds Unitarian bishop Ragnar Emilsen who died Febrary 5 2008.

The Unitarian Church in Sweden has been inactive since the death of bishop Ragnar, and Owe will now focus on establishing Unitarian study groups various places in Sweden and hopes they later will evolve to become Unitarian house congregations.
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English language Service on December 27th 2009.


Rev. Knut Heidelberg

Rev. Sándor Léta

Gyopár Pávai

Márton Szabó

Osztováta Ensemble


1. Welcome and Opening words by the Minister

2. Beginning song: 352 – Find a stillness (16. song in Unitarian songbook )

3. Bible reading

4. Words of wisdom

5. Meditation / Prayer

6. Lord’s Prayer


8. Sermon

9. Silent meditation

10. Song - OSZTOVÁTA

11. Announcements

12. Song - OSZTOVÁTA

13. Blessing

14. Closing song: 37 – God who fills (193. song in Unitarian songbook )


Homepage: http://uninaplo.unitarius-halo.net/service/


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D�vid Ferenc on Facebook

Did you know that the founder of the Unitarian Church, bishop Dávid Ferenc has his own Facebook page with 189 friends from all over the world connected to it? Visit his page here.

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New Norwegian Unitarian Pastor Ordained in Budapest.
From left: Sandor Leta, Roberto Rosso, Kjell Morten Br?ten, and Knut Heidelberg.

Dear Friends,
Happy to tell you that on Sunday September 6 we ordained Kjell Morten Bråten of Norway to Unitarian Pastor. The ceremony took place in Bela Bartok Unitarian Church in Budapest. I have put up a small web-site with some photos and a video for those of you interested to see. Here is the link http://kjellmortenordinasjon.unitarforbundet.org
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Bishop Csaba R�zm�ny died

July 15th, 2009., in the morning passed away Csaba R�zm�ny, Bishop of the Hungarian Unitarian Church.

The family will decide soon regarding the funeral.
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New Norwegian Unitarian web-site
As mentioned in previous posting there is now a new Unitarian organization in Norway named Unitarian Umbrella Organization of Norway (UUO). UUO will function as contact between Norwegian Unitarian groups and International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU). You can wisit the new UUO web-site here.
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